Walk, Pray, Love

Special thanks to Jen Hernandez and Jane Jungerman for the hours of time put in to planning and organizing the Walk, Pray, Love-A Thon. It was huge success bringing in over $12,000.

More importantly we brought love to our Dixon community through kindenss and smiles.

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Target - Take Charge of Education

Thanks to parents who have supported our school through shopping at Target—Take Charge of Education. Every time you shop at Target with your REDcard, Target donates up to 1% of their purchase to our school. We just received a check for $203.97. Please continue to support this program. If you are not signed up, please consider doing so at Target.

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Cash for Caps

Thanks to our families who have been saving milk bottle caps and turning them into our school for redemption.

As a reminder, caps eligible for redemption include Prairie Farms gallon and half gallon caps. These caps will have the Cash for Caps logo. As always, caps are to be cleaned, dried and we would appreciate if you would write the number of caps on the outside of your bag.

This way of raising funds is so easy if you will just take the time to wash and turn in your caps. Thank you for helping us. Every little bit counts.

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